Submissions to The Writers Lab 2020 are now CLOSED.

Check back this fall for 2021 Submission Dates.

The Writers Lab is a four-day script development workshop that gives women screenwriters over 40 the opportunity to work intensively on their feature film scripts with the support of established writers, directors, and producers. Until this year, the retreat has been held near NYC, in the countryside: beautiful and private locations that minimize distractions and promote creativity and confidence. Through one-on-one meetings, panel discussions, guest speakers, and group meals, Mentors and Writers engage in a rigorous process that provides support in both the craft and commerce of screenwriting.

The Applications for the 2020 Writers Lab is no longer available.

2020 Writers Lab Contest Application Dates closed April 22, 2020:


  • Applicants must be female and at least 40 years old: born on or before Oct 1, 1980.
  • We will be accepting scripts internationally.
  • Submissions must be feature-length narrative scripts in English. (No script fragments, treatments, synopses, TV scripts, shorts, stage plays, book excerpts, or documentaries.)
  • Scripts by more than one writer will be considered, but all writers must identify as women and be over 40, and only one writer can attend The Lab.
  • Applicants may submit up to three (3) scripts, with a separate application for each script submitted.
  • The Lab seeks a broad selection of screenplays across all genres of fiction (drama, comedy, horror, action, thriller, science fiction, animation, musical, etc.). Scripts may be about any topic and do not specifically need to be about women.
  • The Lab seeks submissions from all racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural groups.


The following materials are required for your application and must be submitted electronically:

  • Basic Biographical Information (name, email address, contact phone number, mailing address, birth date)
  • Script Genre
  • Log line
  • PDF of a feature-length narrative screenplay (Name removed)

Application Instructions

  1. Register your script with the Writers Guild or the US Copyright Office, if it is not already registered. Registration is quick and easy and the Writers Guild East has generously offered the discounted price of $17 to Lab applicants who are not members of the Guild. Registration will protect you and The Lab staff and volunteers. Choose the Student and NYWIFT/The Writers Lab option. Register at the WGA East website.
  2. The script must be in PDF format. PDFs must be labeled with the project name only. DO NOT include the name of the screenwriter(s) ANYWHERE on the PDF.
  3. Start here, please:   Click on the APPLICATION FORM. You will be re-routed to the Coverfly website. Click on the green SUBMIT box. Choose one of the options for our contest and add it to your cart. Follow the steps and you are done! Text boxes in the form include: name, email address, contact phone number, mailing address, birth date, script genre, log line.
  4. Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  5. Pay the norefundable application fee.