The Writers Lab UK & Ireland 2021

TWL UK & I was a virtual script-development Lab from June 10 to 13
for 12 feature or pilot writers and featuring top industry speakers and mentors.

The Participants

Claire Barclay,  Return Her (½-hour drama)
A Māori Rhodes scholar vows to take down an aristocratic English family
when they refuse to stop exploiting her ancestor’s painting.

Alice Clark,  The Munitionettes (1-hour drama, Scotland)
A women’s soccer team, formed in a WW1 munitions factory, fights for social justice
and new freedoms at home, on the pitch, and all the way to parliament.

Angela Franklyn,  Mozart’s Don Jane (feature, drama)
When a world-famous soprano struggles to sing after transitioning into a man,
he must confront his troubled past in small town New Zealand to find his new voice.

Kit Hui,  Black Dust (feature, drama, England)
An anguished woman leaves China to search for her missing husband,
but on the alien streets of Manchester, she finds only her scarred past.

Rachel Mars,  Slacks (½-hour comedy, England)
On the cusp of settling down with her perfectly OK boyfriend,
a women plunges into a wild journey of queer family discovery,
guided by her 7-year-old gay-as-hell self and her hilarious, furious dying grandmother.

Catherine McGrotty,  Off Season (½-hour fantasy, N. Ireland)
A misfit teen with a painful new superpower pits herself against
ancient Celtic magic on a quest to discover why she’s been cursed.

Anna Merritt & Deborah Wiseman,  Is This It? (½-hour comedy, Ireland)
Four incompatible middle-aged women, all on the brink of cracking up,
are forced together on a kooky self-help programme led by an even kookier guru.

Lydia Mulvey,  Solas (½-hour sci-fi, Ireland)
With the world plunged into darkness after scientists accidentally block out the sun,
a woman with a fatal allergy to UV light embarks on a dangerous journey in search of her missing daughter.

Sylvia-Anne Parker,  600 Steps (feature, drama, England)
A survivor of the Boko Haram schoolgirl kidnappings and a resourceful single mother
put themselves in grave danger when they expose a people trafficking organisation

Leyla Pope,  One Last Holiday (feature, drama, Wales)
Rivers and rapids, family and friction – an Anglo-Iranian family
embark on a canoe trip in France, but will this be their last holiday together?

Dorothy Jane Stewart,  The Story of Me and You (feature, drama, Scotland)
When a disgraced, alcoholic doctor meets a pregnant teenager suffering from domestic abuse,
they embark on a relationship that could lead to the redemption or death of them both.

Ali Taylor,  My Boy (1-hour drama, Scotland)
When her teenage son is accused of rape,
a health visitor is torn between her boy and her beliefs. 

The 2021 TWL UK & Ireland featured over 30 mentors and speakers, including:


Litza Bixler,  Blood, Water, Dust (1-hour horror, EN)
Mai Davies,  Prime  (1-hour drama, WS)
Liz Gill,  English Rose (1-hour drama, IE)
Simone Glover,  Dirt (feature, historical, EN)
Vanessa Haynes,  McIntyre (1-hour dramedy, NI)
Marie James,  Great Swingford (feature, drama, EN)
Kerena Marchant,  Ben Johnson Day (½-hour drama, EN)
Niamh O’Connor,  A Murder of Crows (1-hour drama, IE)
Stella Papamichael,  Green Lanes (1-hour thriller, EN)
Jenny Roche, Dysphoria (feature, dramedy, IE)
Carolyn Saunders & Shelagh McLeod,  Invisible (1-hour sci-fi, EN)
Jaye L. Swift,  The Lost Beacon (feature, horror, WS)



Tara Byrne, Head (½-hour, comedy, EN)
Dee Chilton, Darken Ship (feature, thriller, EN)
Rebecca Crookshank, Morag (½-hour drama, EN)
Mai Davies, The Truth Post (1-hour drama, WS)
Rebecca Ellson, Ark (feature, sci-fi, EN)
Emily Harris, Ronnie Vee (feature, drama, EN)
Maggie Innes, Death Nell (1-hour drama, EN)
Sidra Khan, Untold Story of the Rebel Muslim Women (½-hour drama, SC)
Gillian McCormack,  Rewind (½-hour comedy, SC)
Sophie Merlo, The Punch (feature, action, EN)
Nicola Mills, Up Yours! (feature, drama, EN)
Raman Mundair, Skin Deep (1-hour drama , SC)
Francesca Nider, The Sins of Our Mothers (feature, drama, EN)
Sarah Olley, The Wingspan of an Albatross (feature, drama, EN)
Carina Rodney, Faithless (½-hour thriller, EN)
Charlotte Thompson, Tuesday (1-hour drama, EN)
Charity Trimm & Anne-Marie Draycott, Shelf Life (½-hour comedy, SC)
Carol Younghusband, The Truth (1-hour thriller, EN)