2019 Writers Lab

The 2019 Contest was open from February 1, 2019, through March 28, 2019.
Our fifth annual Writers Lab Retreat will take place October 2-6, 2019, at the Guest House Retreat Center in Chester, CT.
We are working on this year’s agenda and completing the 2019 Mentor roster, so stay tuned for final additions.

The Mentors that have committed to the 2019 Lab October 2-6, 2019

The 2019 Writers Lab Participants

Tara Orr Brenninkmeyer
The Fledgling

A grieving woman moves with her family to a remote Bavarian village in search of quiet and stability – but instead throws herself into the search for a missing infant.
Email: taralynnorr@sbcglobal.net


Susan Brunig
The Surveillance of Ordinary Things

A middle-aged, suburban housewife in existential crisis decides to run away and end it all, only to stumble upon an unplugged community that reminds her of the artist she once was.
Email: sb.screenwritr@gmail.com


Tricia Cerrone
The Skeleton Watch

An apprentice watchmaker in Geneva’s elite industry has 48 hours to find her stolen masterpiece and solve a murder before that timepiece is used to reprise the terrorist act that killed her father.
Email: Tricia@TriciaCerrone.com
Twitter: @TriciaCerrone  (same for all social media)
Website: www.TriciaCerrone.com


Meg Waite Clayton
The Last Train to London

The true story of Truus Wijsmuller, a Dutch woman who faced down Adolf Eichmann and beat the odds to rescue thousands of children from Nazi-occupied Vienna.
Email: megwaiteclayton@gmail.com
Twitter: @megwclayton


Jiwon Lee
At Sea

When an African deckhand on a superyacht picks up a beautiful migrant girl, envy and resentment boil over into violence and retribution on the deceptively calm waters of the Mediterranean.
Email: jiwonlb@gmail.com
Twitter: @Jwlb


Ann LeSchander
Picking Up Porter Douglas

An aspiring singer is thrilled when she is hired to drive opera star Porter Douglas to his sold-out concert in upstate New York – until the carousing tenor goes AWOL.

Email: ann.leschander@gmail.com
Twitter:  @AnnLeSchander

Julie O’Hora
Extreme Closeup

A divorced photographer whose sex life and career have withered rejuvenates both when a forbidden younger man reappears in her life.
Email: julieohora@gmail.com
Twitter: @julieohora


Alyson Richards
The Retreat

When a lesbian couple rents a remote idyllic cottage with friends, their vacation turns into a bloody battle against murderous locals
Email: alysonrichards@gmail.com 


Miatta Ronca
Blue World

A former super soldier, now settled into an ordinary life, becomes an unstoppable force after a classified government program sends a top agent to kill her husband and kidnap her son.
Email: miattaronca@mindspring.com
Twitter: @funnymiatta


Kenyetta Raelyn

After a Guatemalan woman kills a local cartel member to protect her family, she flees with her daughter to the U.S. border, only to find the treacherous journey leads her into a nightmare of immigrant incarceration and exploitation.
Email: kenyetta@whodigme.com
Twitter: @kenyetta.raelyn


C.C. Webster
Little Buffalo

A young girl’s attempt to find her voice in her parents’ world of debauchery and drugs leads her to become the adult on the ground – and to uncover a damaging betrayal.
Coming of Age
Email: twoseas23@gmail.com
Twitter: @twoseas23


Elizabeth Ziemska
Hunt Relic

On the eve of WWII the feral daughter of a huntmaster, living in an ancient lodge in Poland’s Primeval Forest, must cater to a hunting party of Nazi luminaries.
Email: crittaceous@gmail.com
Twitter: @Ziemska
Instagram: @crittaceous