2015 Writers Lab

The inaugural Writers Lab took place in upstate New York from Friday, September 18th, through Sunday, September 20th.

The night before the trip to Wiawaka (far right), the 8 mentors and 12 writers (below) gathered in New York City, attending a magical rooftop cocktail party hosted by the Writers Guild of America, East. The next morning, the group traveled together to the southeastern edge of Lake George, where Wiawaka is located.

Over the course of three cool, late-summer days, the participants met in various configurations: one-on-one; in panel discussions; in small groups; over cocktails; and throughout meals. Discussion topics ranged from crafting strong openings for films to tips for pitching to producers. The writers quickly connected, and the attachments have continued beyond the retreat itself.

The mentors shared knowledge freely; they were all exceptionally forthcoming and insightful about the commerce of screenwriting, but also about honest writing and skillful storytelling. In the private serene environment of Wiawaka, every person felt at ease and able to focus, listen, and learn.  View Gallery

2015 Writers Lab Highlights

The Mentors

The 2015 Writers Lab Participants

Sarah Bird
Austin, Texax
Vanessa Carmichael
The American
Los Angeles, California
Tracy Charlton
Raised Up
Mill Valley, California
Kellen Hertz
Los Angeles, California
Anna Hozian
Anchor Baby
Naperville, Illinois
Lyralen Kaye
St. John The Divine In Iowa
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Jan Kimbrough
The Glastonbury Cow Party
Valley Village, California
Billie Jo Mason
The Cargo
Simi Valley, California
Peres Owino
The Basketweaver
Inglewood, California
Gretchen Somerfeld
Face Value
Los Angeles, California
Janet Stilson
Jaguar Trail
New York, New York
Kim Turner
Christy’s Got Cancer!
Mandeville, Louisiana