2018 Writers Lab

Our fourth annual Writers Lab retreat took place at the Wiawaka Center for Women in Lake George, NY, from Wednesday, September 26th, through Saturday, September 29th, 2018.

The 2018 Writers Lab mentors were: Dara Bratt, Simone Pero, Susan Cartsonis, Amy Fox, Pamela Gray, Deborah Kampmeier, Patricia Meyer, Pat Verducci, Jamie Zelermyer and Enid Zentelis.

The Mentors

The 2018 Writers Lab Participants

Billie Bates
Spirit Halloween

When a pop-up Halloween store opens in a haunted strip-mall, three middle school friends ditch trick-or-treating to spend the night inside, only to find themselves battling possessed animatronics.

Email: billie@billiebates.com
Twitter: @BillieBates1
Catherine Craig
Suspended Belief

A camera woman flees her abusive husband with her children but when the shelter system can’t protect her she finds unlikely allies in an oddball special effects studio.

Email:  suspendedbelief@gmail.com
Twitter: @SuspendBelief
Nadia Fares
Diplomatic Corps

The favorite son of an Egyptian diplomat assists his father at the U.N. in New York to accomplish a prestigious mission, but when a journalist threatens to reveal his homosexuality, the brilliant young man must choose between family and truth.

Email: nadiafares@rocketmail.com
Twitter: @nadiafaresfilms
Avra Fox-Lerner
Lady Kate

An unrepentant gunslinger endures a brutal cross-country trek with the bounty hunter who killed her gang and now marches the outlaw to her own hanging.

Email: avrafresh@gmail.com
Lynn Esta Goldman
On the Wing

After a miraculous recovery from a terminal illness, a young African-American woman sets out to confront the mother who abandoned her — with an eleven-year old boy from a foster home who insists on coming along.

Email: LynnEstaGoldman@gmail.com
Twitter: @LynnEstaGoldman
Pippa Hinchley
One White Crow

In 1890, brilliant Australian academic, who has lost his faith in God, and an unassuming Bostonian housewife with an apparent supernatural ability, scientifically prove there is life after death. This is a true story.

Email: pippahinchley@gmail.com
Twitter: @piphinchley
Teisha Hickman
Sundays and Mondays

A recent widower struggling to raise his daughter discovers an unlikely ally in a self-destructive artist. Can these three lost souls find their way?

Email: teishawrites@gmail.com
Twitter: @TeishaHickman1
Ann Hawker
An Austrian Holiday

A proud woman with Alzheimer’s sets out across Europe for an assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland, pursued by her daughter who is determined not to let her mother succeed.

Email: ann.hawker.one@gmail.com
Twitter:  @annhawker1
Shelagh McLeod

After a cataclysmic event in space, an astronaut returns to Earth a stranger. Grappling with the truth of her encounter, she is torn between her life on Earth and the unknown beyond.

Email: shelaghm@clara.co.uk
Twitter: @ShelaghMcLeod
Cornelia Ravenal
On the Blade

When a brutal hazing turns deadly, a young athlete risks his future to expose the truth, only to realize his own complicity.

Email: cornelia@wildernessfilms.us
Twitter: @CoCo2o2o
Gail Segal
Lila Rose

A young mother and Iraq War widow who works the line in a school bus factory must decide if she will use her gift with a fiddle to carry her out of southwest Georgia for good.

Email: gail.segal@nyu.edu
Twitter: @gailsegal88
Shelley Thompson
Dawn, Her Dad & the Tractor

Five years after leaving home, a young transgender woman returns to her estranged father, keeping a deathbed promise to her mother. As they restore the old family tractor together, they come to understand the mechanics of the heart.

Email: shelley.a.t@gmail.com
Twitter: @ThompsonShelley



Valerie A. Brotski – Outside the Wire
Galina Espinoza – Subtle Beauty
Sara Zarr – Once Was Lost
Bridget Foley – Principles of Flight
Gemma Crofts – Mayfield
Denise Meyers – Lucky 13

Yvonne Medley – The Number Hole
Lauri Donahue – Dead Reckoning
Filomena Laforgia – Soul Custody
Beth Curry – Moonflower
Brigitte Redavid – 3000 Frogs