The Writers Lab presents
script-development labs
for women screenwriters over 40


The Writers Lab US
The Writers Lab UK & Ireland

The Writers Lab 2021
October 14 to 17
included 17 participants
and over 30 mentors and speakers



Agree to Disagree Susan Chiu
Gig Krystyna Łoboda
Lil Katherine Andrews &
Virginia Abramovich
Lolo Wilandrea Blair
Man Called Buffalo Tasha Moore
Over It Joy Goodwin
The Countess Irina Rodriguez
Whirlwind Monika Moreno-Lapp
Yardbird Tracey Bradley


Birdsong Jennifer Dunn
Kat and Mouse Margaux Froley
Scorched Earth Kimberlea Kressal
Signals Amanda Parham
The Rez Danielle Autumn Stratton


Made in USA Desdemona Chiang
The Jury Wendy Dann

The Writers Lab 2021 FINALISTS 


Author of the Epilogue Catherine Vouvray
Cage Keri Lee
Declaration of Conscience Beth Milstein
Exposure Mia Trachinger & Desha Dauchan
Extremophile Cylin Busby
Freefall Denise Meyers
In Anna Wendy Holley
Long Gone Claire Barclay
OO 1  S Casper Wong
The Language of Wolves Nan Schmid
The Superb Lyrebird and Other Creatures Wendy Young



After Greensboro Deborah Goodwin
Border Saints Linda Sweigart
Cross(ed) Luisa Dantas
Grace in the Clutch Addie Johnson Talbott
Kinks Rachel Feldman
Manifesto Maren Curtis
Play Like a Girl Deborah Puette
Reconblue Elena Perez
Where Light Hides Yvonne Paulin


Agency Angela Clarke
Faire Life Tamika Spaulding

The Writers Lab 2021 SEMIFINALISTS 


A Blue Dawn  Thato Mwosa
All The Leaves Are Brown  Kathy Charles
Always We Begin Again  Nic Cohen
An Ideal Wife  Sarah Knight
Black Mambas, APU  Dex Decker
Chagrin Falls  Mia McCullough
Chouchou the Cosmonaut  Gwenola Balmelle
Defiant  Crystal Verge
Giselle  Rebecca Robinson
Hesse  Jill Bayor
Hounds and Jackals  Rima Lyn
If They Were of Us  Rosemary Griggs
Illegitimate  Natasha Maidoff
Kudzu  Marisa Forrest
La Maupin  Christina Hulen
Land of Tiny Trees  Audra Gorman
Lysistrata Cell  Lisa Scott
Maestra  Susan Polk
Me, My Mom & Sharmila   Fawzia Mirza
Natalia Rising  Donna Bonilla Wheeler
Nebraska Shuffle  Elisa Bell
Samantha Smee: A Pirate’s Life  Carol Dingman
See Jane Fight  Jill Morley
Sisters of Industry  Kryssa Schemmerling
Sleeping on Stones  Nicole Ballivian
The American Can  Adetoro Makinde
The Bronze Queen  Patrice Escoto

The Forgotten History  Roya Sadat
The Mercury 13 
Maria Burton
The Paisley Witch Trial  Julia Campanelli
The Party  Stacey Davis
The Queen of the Milky Way  Letty Hummel
The Tempter  Julia Camara
The Ten Tribes Motel  Jennifer Peterson
The Tigers  Laura Town
Threshold  Selena Lohan
Triple Helix  Jen Ellison
Two Teresas  Rosanne Limoncelli
US99  Maysoon Zayid
Waking Up  Lois Roach
You Like It Because It’s Empty
Alina Celeste Hevia
Zip Codes  Lacey Schwartz Delgado


Black in Paris  Stacie Hawkins
Blackball  Kathryn Nawrocki
Danika Brewster  Heather Spiegel
Emma Rumble  Ashley Blincow
Imprint of a Murder  Kaili Capito
Jetlag  Amanda Parham
Legacy  Kellen Hertz
Majority Rules  E. Amato
Monsta  Clayvon C. Harris
Out There 
Maren Leggett

Pleasure Principle  Lorna Green & Paula Tiberius
Remember Me  Lagueria Davis

Skin in the Game
  Julie Zografos
Star of Siam  Eda Benjakul & Marisa Marchitelli
Stream of Consciousness  Patia Prouty
Surplus Women  Andrea Nasfell
The Assets  Jude Roth
Time Jump  Kris Crenwelge
Topsy Turvy Tinseltown Lavetta Cannon
Weekee Watchee Enchanted Spring  Billie Speer


anima…sity  Nikki Braendlin
Codename: Mame  Catherine Vouvray
Dangerous Curves  Amber Eyerly
Darkly Heights  Carrie Wachob
Farm to Table  Amy Staats
Hood  Irina Rodriguez
On the Court  Marisa Bramwell
Party Crashers  Laura Mannino
Pink Moon  Joie Lee
Pushy Bitchy Frumpy Whorey
Colleen Werthmann
The Full Moon Beer Drinkers Club 
Katie Hennicke
The Missionary Position  Maria Harber
Walden Breezes  Elisabeth Bentley

“The more women’s stories we see,
the more women are empowered.”
-Nicole Kidman


“The Writers Lab provides practical tools and spirited
encouragement for the work of screenwriters whose
point of view, fruit of their age and gender, has been
consistently undervalued in the marketplace.”
-Meryl Streep

Our Programs

The Writers Lab programs nurture the voices
of women in their prime whose stories have
not been told. At our labs, writers work intensively on their features and pilots with
the support of established film professionals.

Since 2015 TWL has presented a yearly 4-day retreat where Mentors and Writers engage in a rigorous process of intensive script development through one-on-one meetings, panel discussions, peer workshops, and at informal gatherings. Interactions are designed to inspire the artists; to prompt creative exploration; and, through revision, to cultivate first-rate cinematic stories. In 2020 we presented our first virtual lab. This year, we hope to safely present our 7th retreat in-person, in October, welcoming both feature and pilot writers.

The Writers Lab founders have joined forces with Untamed Stories to serve women and nonbinary writers over 40 who reside in England, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, and Scotland, as well as all Welsh nationals. With a team of partners, we will present a virtual 4-day lab this June, during which Mentors and Writers will engage in rigorous script development through one-on-one meetings, panel discussions, peer workshops, mock writers rooms and more, followed by 5-months of post-lab development, support and mentoring.

Our Partners

The Writers Lab US is produced by co-founders Elizabeth Kaiden and Nitza Wilon, with New York Women in Film & Television.

The Lab is presented in collaboration with the Writers Guild of America, East, with in-kind support from The Black List, Falco Ink, Film Fatales, Filmarket Hub, Final Draft, and Roadmap Writers.

TWL US is made possible through the generosity of

Meryl Streep
Nicole Kidman
Oprah Winfrey
The Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation
Kate Hall & Gary Lynch

The Writers Lab UK & Ireland is produced by
co-founders Elizabeth Kaiden and Nitza Wilon, with
UK partner Untamed Stories, helmed by producers
Julia Berg and Ruth Spencer.

It is presented with support from Dirty Films, in association with Birds’ Eye View, Screen Scotland, Northern Ireland Screen, Screen Skills Ireland, Ffilm Cymru Wales & BFI NETWORK with funding from the National Lottery, and New York Women in Film & Television.

TWL UK & I is made possible through the generosity of

Cate Blanchett

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